• Top 10 Construction Machinery Manufacturers

    Caterpillar and Komatsu retained the first and second position, respectively. Terex overtook Hitachi to become the third and the latter fell to the fourth. Liebherr ranked the fifth and Volvo the sixth. Both Doosan and JCB rose two positions up into the top 10.

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  • Global Top 10 Shipbuilding Companies

    Recently, the list of top 10 shipbuilding companies in terms of sales revenue was released by the press. It shows that the top 5 are in South Korea, China and Japan, indicating the trend of the global shipbuilding industry.

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  • Status Quo and Driving Forces in China Health Industry

    China's health industry enjoys continuously fast growth. The scale of the industry grew by CAGR of 16.03% from 2011 to 2014, reaching CNY 2.5 trillion in 2014. Specific examination of the growth of sub-industries of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare products and medical cosmetics are as follows.

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  • Prospect and Trend of China Hog Raising Industry

    The industry enjoyed a good year in 2016. In early June, the hog price hit a record high of 21CNY/kg. Meanwhile, corn prices were in the decline, enriching the profits of hog raising. However, environmental concerns and the removal or moving of hog farms in southern regions dampened replenishment of hog stock, continuing the decline of sow population.

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  • ASEAN Automobile Industry Forecast to 2021

    Southeast Asian countries in the report include Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Cambodia. By the end of 2016, the population in Southeast Asia had exceeded 600 million. The overall economic growth rate is higher than global average level and it becomes a major driving force of world economic development.

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  • South Asia Automobile Industry Forecast to 2021

    South Asian countries in the report include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. According to CRI's analysis, significant gaps remain in population and economic development among South Asian countries. By the end of 2016, the population in South Asia had exceeded 1.7 billion. India has the largest population of over 1.3 billion, while Bhutan has the smallest population of less than 1 million.

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  • Yacht Industry Trend

    Presently, yacht clubs develop rapidly and pave the foundation for the next rise of yachts. The consumption of fishing boats, sailing ships and leisure crafts with retail prices between CNY 500,000 to CNY 1 million will form an economic scale. The yacht industry is expected to develop rapidly as an entertainment tool in the growing leisure tourism demand with houses and cars in China in the next few years.

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  • China Sunroof Industry

    larger amount of domestic enterprises in China enters the sunroof industry. However, they fail to form a large scale of production capacity due to technical and financial obstacles. Most domestic enterprises in China produce limited types of sunroofs, of which the quality and after-sales quality are difficult to guarantee. Therefore, their target market mainly focuses on the low-end whole vehicle market and automobile refit market.

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  • Skin Care Product Manufacturing in China

    According to CRI, the skin care product market in China is the leading emerging one in the globe for the economy and population. The sales value of skin care products increased from over CNY 90 billion in 2011 to CNY 130 billion in 2015 with the CAGR of about 9.1% exceeding the growth rate of GDP during the corresponding period.

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  • China Functional Drink Industry Overview

    According to CRI, the sales revenue of functional drinks increased from CNY 25.71 billion in 2011 to CNY 60.6 billion in 2015 with the CAGR of 23.9%, far exceeding the growth rate of the market size of the soft drink industry during the corresponding period.

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