• 2014 Investment Guide

    In Vietnam, the labor cost with the same education level is much lower than that in China. Meanwhile, the prices of land, energy, some varieties of raw materials are also lower. The legal working time is longer than that in China.

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  • China Valve Market

    The competition in global valve manufacturing enterprises is fierce. West European valve manufacture enterprises, e.g. Germany, the U.K. and France take up 40% global market share while the production and export of valves in Asia-Pacific region mainly concentrate in India, China and Japan.

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  • Valsartan Market

    There are many enterprises producing APIs and finished products of Valsartan. The market share of finished products is mainly occupied by Novartis, which is above 85% by sales value every year.

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  • HetNet Bible

    Wireless carriers are thus exploring options to offload additional coverage and capacity to alternatives such as strategically deployed small cells and WiFi access points, which have so far been deployed by more than 150 global wireless carriers.

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  • Cancer Tests

    The report is a vital source of up-to-date information with in-depth analysis on the companies in the steadily growing In-Vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Market.

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  • SDN, NFV & Network

    SDN and network virtualization solutions have been widely deployed in data center and enterprise environments, and many service provider deployments are already underway.

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  • Peripheral Vascular Stents

    By the end of the forecast period, the competitive landscape will experience significant change due to the launch of bioabsorbable stents in the market, the expansion of approved indications to include infrapopliteal artery lesions and the entry of new companies such as 480 Biomedical.

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  • 2014 Global Business Directory

    CRI provides unique business directories that will keep your company in touch with the potential customers, suppliers, partners all over the world. We provide 89 new directories covering many industries

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  • Therapy Class Reports

    CRI offers newly published reports Therapeutic class reports in 2014. This package offers new market trends in 6 topics

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  • Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook

    Positive sentiments for the biotech sector have prevailed in the last two to three years, and we expect this trend to continue for the next year too.

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