• China's Industrial Pump Industry

    Global market demand for general pumps include industrial pump, residence pump, hydraulic pressure pump is over USD 60 billion; If divided according to range of services, water pump is the largest category.

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  • China Valve Market

    The competition in global valve manufacturing enterprises is fierce. West European valve manufacture enterprises, e.g. Germany, the U.K. and France take up 40% global market share while the production and export of valves in Asia-Pacific region mainly concentrate in India, China and Japan.

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  • China Phosphocreatine Market

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 17 million people die of cardia-cerebrovascular disease, among which 50% die of acute myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction each year in the world. Phosphocreatine, developed by Alfa Wassermann in 1997, has the largest market share compared with other cardiovascular drugs.

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  • Budesonide Market

    According to an epidemiological survey, the incidence of respiratory ailments is 16% of the incidence of all diseases. About 280 million people in the world suffer from different degrees of seasonal asthma, more so in industrialized countries and regions where tobacco consumption is high.

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  • China Tire Industry

    As China already has a complete industrial chain of tire and its labor force is much lower than that in developed countries, its tire industry still has a great advantage over that in other developing countries. And it is expected that in the near future, the domestic demand for tire and its export will keep growing.

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  • China Polysilicon Industry

    The Chinese government has issued the Industrial Access Conditions for Polysilicon which states that the size of solar-grade project shall be larger than 3,000 tons per year and that of semiconductor-grade project 1,000 tons per year. Besides, for solar-grade project, the comprehensive energy consumption must be less than 200 kilowatt-hour per kilogram.

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  • China Shipbuilding Industry

    There is still huge space for shipbuilding industry to grow in the next few years due to cost advantage compared with such countries as Japan and Korea and increasing domestic demand which attracts global capital.

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  • 2014 Global Business Directory

    CRI provides unique business directories that will keep your company in touch with the potential customers, suppliers, partners all over the world. We provide 89 new directories covering many industries

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  • Therapy Class Reports

    CRI offers newly published reports Therapeutic class reports in 2014. This package offers new market trends in 6 topics

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  • Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook

    Positive sentiments for the biotech sector have prevailed in the last two to three years, and we expect this trend to continue for the next year too.

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