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This category provides market research on luxury goods.

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    A-Share Listed Jewelry Companies - Profiles and Financial Data

    In 2016, retail value of jewelry in China was over CNY 500 billion, but different varieties of jewelry competed with each other for sales. In 2016, China consumed 900 tons gold, among which 611.17 tons were used to produce jewelry, decreasing by 18.91% YOY.

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    Research Report on Yacht Industry in China, 2014-2018

    As the yacht industry prospers in China in recent years, Chinese people, especially white-collar workers, become increasingly fond of yacht sports. According to CRI, the number of yacht clubs exceeded 100 by the end of 2013 with over 40 of them interviewed by CRI.

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    Research Report on Yacht Clubs in China, 2014

    In April 2014, CRI conducts an investigation on 69 yacht clubs in China, Some of which closed down. Some yacht clubs are reconstructed to expand while the others start to sell yachts and lease out berths. Through investigation, CRI got valid data from 40 of them.

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